With its scenic lakes, rolling terrain and thriving business community, Plymouth, Minnesota continues to be an attractive place to call home for thousands of Minnesota residents. The city has its roots in the pre-Colombian period where inhabitants settled just north of Medicine Lake. Settlers who built homes in Hennepin County during the 1850s quickly turned this area into a vibrant community and major tourist attraction, and many of today’s real estate in Plymouth includes historical sites and unique properties from an era gone by. The community has evolved since with its roots in the trade and commerce industry to become a thriving community and business sector for thousands of residents.

The city of Plymouth is the seventh largest city in Minnesota, and boasts a population of over 65,000 residents. Plymouth MN real estate continues to enjoy steady prices, and is proving to be one of the most valuable investment sites in Minnesota and the Midwest. Visitors and residents alike can explore the downtown area with its antique shops, boutiques, cafes and locally owned restaurants, or visit the local public library and area museums to learn more about the area.

Key points of interest in Plymouth include Millennium Garden, and Plymouth Creek Center. The Center is the cultural epicenter located in one of Plymouth’s most beautiful parks, and offers spectacular views of the gardens, a large social hall and a fireside lounge for small gatherings and parties. Property for sale in Plymouth that is close to these distinct sites makes it easy to make the most of the wealth of activities and events that take place throughout the year.

Plymouth is home to five school districts, a number of private schools and colleges, and an active parks and recreation department. The city has become a leader in its recreation programming, and is home to its own ice center, fieldhouse, and a popular recreation division that offers classes, events, team sports and special programs for seniors throughout the year. Residents of Plymouth can also take part in a number of community activities, local festivals and neighborhood get-togethers. If you choose to reside in this vibrant and diverse Midwestern suburb, there are several ways to find attractive, affordable and unique Plymouth homes for sale.

Finding a valuable Plymouth property is easier with the help of a real estate agent who is familiar with the area, and reviewing online MLS listings on a regular basis. Online listings of available properties gives you a chance to review galleries of the property, compare various listings in the neighborhood, and even contact a realtor directly with any questions you may have about a particular property.